Furniture production in Latvia

Freiga Ltd. company was founded in 2017.
Starting in 2019, the company offers its customers furniture, windows, doors and stairs made of wood raw materials.  

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Our Services

Our team strives to understand people's interests and desires to offer each customer a tailor-made solution.
Anyone interested in a home or office that is as tasteful and comfortable as possible is welcome!


Kitchen furniture

Nowadays, kitchen is more than just a room to cook - it is a space that all family life revolves around, so a functional and attractive design is very important.
We offer to make quality kitchen furniture for any taste!

Bedroom furniture

Our bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time, where we enjoy sleep and receive new energy. Therefore, it is important that the bedroom layout and furniture are not only beautiful visually, but also comfortable and high quality. We will produce not only beautiful beds and bedside tables, but also wardrobes and dressers adapted to the bedroom.

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is not an ordinary room. It is our little world where we can not only avoid everything but also do whatever we want. It helps us disconnect from the outside world and move into our own personal paradigm. We will be able to fulfill this dream for everyone and with individual approach we will create furniture that suits your taste and lifestyle.



For the production of wooden windows we use triple glued pine, ash or oak blanks.
Wooden profile windows have high thermal and acoustic insulation provided by a technologically well prepared and processed wooden profile and a properly selected glazing unit.
Selective packages are installed in wooden windows.
Most often windows are made of pine or oak beams, but material of other tree species such as larch, meranti, sipo etc. is also available.



Doors are traditionally considered to be one of the most important elements of a house façade. It is a home business card that tells about the owner's good sense of taste, his status in society and his attitude towards things and life in general.

In addition to the visual aspect, they must also have essential functional properties - safety, heat resistance, sound and odor isolation, and ease of daily operation.



Wooden stairs are made of pine, ash or oak. Each wooden staircase is custom made, the configuration and design of which we develop based on the client's wishes.
The price of a wooden staircase depends on the complexity of the construction and the wood used.

We Offer

We produce all furniture on the most modern furniture production equipment.

Freiga Ltd. is able to provide its customers with high quality furniture and other products.

We are proud of our furniture specialists, because this is a heart job for everyone.
Furniture made in Latvia, made with pleasure!

Full furniture design
High quality of execution
High quality of materials and fittings
Reasonable delivery time
Delivery and assembly if necessary

Solid wood and panel material furniture, windows, doors and stairs as well as we are open to clients' ideas to try their hand at a new challenge of responsibly approaching every order, evaluating client's desires and our ability to make other wood and panel material products.

The wide variety of materials allows you to customize furniture, stairs, doors and windows in a variety of styles, colors and textures. The production process uses high-end materials and fittings that match the functions.
We offer oak, ash, pine, birch and black alder timber furniture and other products depending on the client's wishes and requirements, as well as offer various orders of quality board materials - laminated chipboard (LSC), high pressure laminate (HPL) and (MDF). For acrylic boards.  

Not sawn planks zander
Templates calibration
Plate calibration
Plate width and stretching in size
Careful product grinding 3x
Careful product 3x varnishing

In accordance with the data we produce drawings
Extension and distribution of materials
Edge pasting
Edge milling
Groove milling

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